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Rehab through the German Pension Insurance DRV Baden-Württemberg


Inpatient Rehabilitation Stay

Your doctor has requested a rehabilitation stay through the German Pension Insurance Association DRV Baden Wurttemberg. This pension insurance carrier always decides where the rehab will take place. The Breisgau Klinik is a member rehab center of the DRV Baden-Württemberg. In general, if you wish to stay at the Breisgau-Klinik, the DRV Baden-Württemberg will comply with your request. In case of dispute, you may insist on your right to select the clinic of your choice. Other DRV (German pension Fund) carriers allow for individual decisions.

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Inpatient Follow-up Treatment (AHB)

If you need a rehabilitation stay after surgery of the locomotive system, you are welcome at the Breisgau Klinik. Generally, the social services of the treating hospital helps facilitating a rehab stay in our clinic if you to express your wish to be treated at the Breisgau Klinik.

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Inpatient Rehab Measures

The Breisgau Klinik also offers outpatient rehabilitation measures. Bad Krozingen can be reached by train ( and is easily reached by car. The train ride takes only 10 minutes starting in Freiburg. If you use public transportation, we will send you, upon request, a regional ticket (Regiokarte). At the train station in Bad Krozingen we will gladly pick you up. Please keep in mind that even an outpatient rehabilitation program must be requested by your doctor or the treating hospital.

Train Schedule (please check the schedule relative to your departure)

Freiburg – Bad Krozingen

Departure at 7:10 am – arrival at 7:21 am Departure at 7:17 am – arrival at 7:26 am Departure at 7:34 am – arrival at 7: 42 am Departure at 7.45 am – arrival at 7:58 am Departure at 8:15 am – arrival at 8:24 am 


Outpatient Stabilization Program (ASP)

Aftercare services increase the effectiveness of medical rehabilitation. The outpatient stabilization program (ASP) of the German Pension Insurance Baden-Württemberg stabilizes and consolidates the achieved success through an outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation treatment with further therapeutic measures.

Requirements for participation in the outpatient stabilization program are

  • A regularly completed outpatient or inpatient rehab process 
  • If rehab-sports or rheumatism-functional training are not enough to improve the rehabilitation success continues
  • Patient commits to training performance of at least three hours a day 
  • A follow-up facility approved by the German Pension Insurance must be in close vicinity of the patient’s residence (generally requires no more than 45 minutes driving)

The outpatient stabilization program should be started within four weeks after completion of the outpatient / inpatient rehabilitation treatment and must be completed no later than twelve months after the primary services have been performed. This type of treatment is also offered by the Breisgau Klinik.


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